Tips - Le Menu Paleo

Time – the most precious ingredient of them all.

For this reason, I believe it should have a whole section all to itself. A section full of the tricks and tips which help me to get ahead, which allow me to maximise my time without compromising my principles, whether they come from my culture and upbringing, or my motivation to sustain good health.

So here is what works for me, what allows me to juggle all the elements of modern life and still cook home made dinners, be it for four or 18. It is what helps me on a daily basis and how I manage to cook for a large number of people without sweat dripping down my forehead.

Like any ingredient, my handling of time is crucial to what I am able to serve on a plate.

So in this section, I will outline:

*  What I would have liked to know when I first embarked on the Paleo way of eating in ‘Getting started with Paleo’.

*  What gets me ahead of my week so our family dinners are ready on time even though I am ferrying girls to various activities in ‘Making day to day easy’.

*  How I keep my cool when I have 20 people for dinner in ‘Cooking for a large group of people’ be it for a birthday party or Christmas dinner.