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May tarts

Sweet And Savoury Tarts

I love tarts and quiches and have to admit that I have missed them dreadfully….until I cracked a shortcrust pastry I was happy with that is. Now there is no stopping me I’m afraid.

Savoury, sweet, classic, fusion or unusual, one can make just about any delicious filling or topping for this lovely base. And as you will see, you don’t even need a baking dish for some of them – clearly you do for quiche if you do not want an eggy mess in the oven…

What I like about them is that they can also be made into many different shapes and sizes depending on your moulds and your fillings, rustic or sophisticated. This makes them a great port of call for any dinner or lunch party, afternoon tea or even English breakfast – well, who says you cannot fill a ‘tartelette’ (I love that word, it is just so much fun and full of inviting promises …) with egg, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes?

They are also great to use leftovers in a delicious way, from leftover chicken and green vegetables, to fresh fruits which have passed their best or even compote.

The choices I have made for this month are classics in France and seem to cover many regions; but as usual, there are no rules, just make what inspires you, using ingredients that are good for you or that you simply have in the fridge that day – just check out ideas in the alternatives section of the recipes.

Whatever you use to fill your casing, there is always a sense a anticipation coming from guests at seeing a beautiful tart…sorry, couldn’t resist.

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