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chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake

The words Chocolate  and Cake speak for themselves really. They do not need more of a title to prompt your taste buds to salivate and invite you into the world that marries chocolate with cake.

It was Easter at the end of the month and whether it is a bunny in Britain or flying bells in France (they fly from the Vatican apparently), they all work very hard to deliver chocolate in our gardens and this month is a tribute to them.

I have to say that when I first started eating grain-free, I was concerned that chocolate cake would never be the same again. But since chocolate is a wonderful ingredient that seems to help any other  ingredient achieve a lovely texture, I am relieved to tell you that there are many grain free chocolate cakes that are truly scrumptious.

There are some for snack, some for family, some for friends, some for dinner parties, some for celebrations…so many choices and so little time…

Well, this month, I made time so I could share our favourites. My youngest has always been a chocolate fan and she was the happiest that I made the decision to make chocolate cake my theme for March and volunteered as chief taster….

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