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Pancakes, muffins, hamburgers, meatloaf, pies…one can miss them on a Paleo diet. I did. Not that we made them often but when the craving hits, it is hard to find something other than pancakes, muffins, hamburgers, meatloaf or pies to scratch that itch.

The only way is to make them, with a twist.

So, this month, I am sharing some of my recipes for those comforting dishes that earned a worldwide reputation – the original recipes that is, not mine specifically; well, not yet anyway. There’s still time…

Indeed, I love a muffin or an American pancake with maple syrup on a Sunday morning. I make a mean meatloaf, often make a pot roast because it is so easy and sweet and delicious, and love a burger. In fact, I didn’t realise how many of these dishes I ate until I was not able to.

I tested and tasted and tested again, asked others to taste and feedback, until we settled down on the recipes we liked best. I hope you enjoy them too.

And watch out for the meatloaf: although it is a little unconventional (isn’t it always?), hot or cold, it never fails to disappoint in our house.

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