Made By Kids - Le Menu Paleo

We all know that the best way to encourage a child to eat something new is to make sure he or she has actually made it.

Cooking with children is so rewarding on so many levels; you spend quality time with them, they learn lifelong skills, it helps their motor skills, their maths and their reading…bla bla bla…I sound like a government flyer, sorry.

Let’s face it, I do it because they have fun (that’s probably because I do most of the tidying up afterwards), they love licking their fingers and they are more likely to eat the end result, which, when you are trying to introduce new flavours and textures, is an absolute bonus.

But obviously, a five year old cannot do what a 12 year old can do. Lucky for you, I have one of each, and therefore, I shall endeavour to outline recipes in this section that show what both age groups can do – just bear with me (us) for a more complete collection of recipes.

You will see their hands in the pictures because the whole point is that the kids make these recipes, not me or you (although I wouldn’t let them loose in your kitchen without any supervision…). So my children made these recipes themselves.

I also tried to write the recipes so that they are easy to read and understand, as well as make them colourful enough, so that one day, kids might even want to seek the recipes out themselves and surprise us with a lovely dinner when we get back from work…we live in hope.

It goes without saying that the recipes are delicious too, since we also know that kids are the harshest critiques.

Good luck!