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I cannot stand waste, be it paper, food, talent, life…I cannot stand wasting any of it.

My aversion to wasting drives my creativity to find ways to reinvent many things, from making princess castles with tea bag boxes, to composting my guinea pigs’ bedding, to using the food that was not consumed the day before.

And I need to be creative because when I eat a leftover, I prefer not to get the feeling that I am actually eating a leftover. What can I say, I’m fussy. But in my defence, so do the kids, particularly if they didn’t particularly like the dish the ingredients originally came from.

Equally, the idea of re-inventing a leftover is that there is no waste of food. So making a dish that requires adding many new fresh ingredients to the original leftovers defies the purpose a little – I don’t want a leftover of a leftover if you see what I mean.

Of course, sometimes you need to, because there is not enough food left for all (like a chicken breast for the four of you), or because it makes sense (all you have left is that said dry chicken breast which is not exactly going to rock your taste buds).

For all the reasons above, I shall endeavour to provide a leftover solution at the bottom of the recipes outlined in the other sections, by adding only a minimum of ingredients. For some, no ingredients will need to be added at all, like the Apple cake and custard ice-cream. Secondly, no-one should notice that you are serving leftovers either (yes, sneaky). And thirdly, it should taste delicious. In fact, let’s give a note of caution on this point. We enjoy some of the leftovers recipes so much that I now find myself wanting or needing – because the kids ask me – to make the original dish just to make sure we can have the leftover dishes that emanate from them.

But what it also means of course, is that it is easier to plan my weekly dinners, knowing that food will go that little bit further with minimum effort. For instance, the kids love the fish cakes which come from a recipes I make when I know I will only have about 20 min to make dinner, the Sea bass with sweet potato mash and creamy spinach (Quick and easy section). So I make sure I make enough (be it with sea bass or any other white fish) one evening and make the fish cakes the next, which I serve with a green salad; twenty minutes the first night, ten the next, and two tasty dinners.

Although I love the fish cakes too, for me it has to the Chocolate and hazelnut pudding made with leftover Hazelnut and chestnut loaf (September): hazelnuts, gooey chocolate and custard, what can go wrong?

One last thing, I think I should dedicate this section to my friend Lucie: ‘May you find many uses for it’.

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