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April being the month of Easter, I felt there was no better month to celebrate the humble egg. They definitely deserve some time in the limelight. To be honest, they are the ingredient I missed the most whilst on the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) at the beginning of my change of diet. They are in everything, are tasty on their own, and help bind all sorts of other ingredients in all sorts of recipes.  I mean, thank goodness for eggs and hens! I say: let’s take a bow to them.

As you can see it will be a European affair (very timely indeed…), as we will start in Spain and drive through France to end up in England.

To start with, I chose the tortilla rather than the omelette because it is more portable and therefore I felt it was a more useful recipe to have.

‘Oeuf cocotte’ has always been a favourite of mine. I love the idea of spooning out the warm cream with the runny egg yolk and finding lovely little savoury morsels with it. It is very comforting and perfect for a TV dinner. I am not sure where the name came from but it always makes me smile.

You may recognise the next recipe, ‘Oeufs Mimosa’, from last summer. I posted it again because I love it, because summer is coming (so I’m told…) and because it is my meme’s recipe. That alone means it deserves another look.

The last recipe will be an English-inspired custard tart, mainly because it is probably the one dessert that appears to be impossible to make on a paleo diet. And we all know how I like a challenge. Bonus is, it tastes fantastic and I feel there is no better dessert to showcase what eggs can actually achieve, even at their most basics.

I have used a nut-free pastry case using cassava flour. It is perfect for any deep base tarts, pies and quiches. Once you can make this custard tart, you can flavour the custard and make all sorts of delicious desserts from pumpkin pie to coffee cream tarts, as well as savoury recipes. So clearly one to keep.

I have added some little eggs-tras below as well….sorry, couldn’t resist.

Eggs-tra ways to use eggs:

* A cheval: literally meaning ‘on the horse’ in French – simply add a fried egg on top of a steak or piece of fish. It brings it all to another level. Yum!

* Add a poach egg on top of anything, be it a winter or summer salad, or a leftover stew. The yolk oozes into the dish and makes any leftovers feel like a meal fit for a king.

* Dip vegetables into a soft boiled egg rather than toast. Asparagus works particularly well.

* Eggy soup – what I used to make for my eldest when she was poorly and what she makes for herself most days for breakfast or if she is still hungry after dinner – she is a growing teenager. Just break an egg into some simmering bone broth/stock and whisk it vigorously whilst it is still on the hob. Leave it on the hob for a minute then take it off the heat otherwise the egg will foam and run over the pan. It is simple but lovely.

Bone Broth Or Stock

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