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October 2016


Coffee And Pumpkin Cake

CakeDessertsOctober 2016RecipesThemes

This delicious cake is like a flan but with more structure….

30th October 2016 / By /

Squash Spaghetti With Creamy Salmon And Mustard Sauce

Leftover FishLeftoversMainOctober 2016RecipesThemes

There are some dishes that look great but don’t taste so…

24th October 2016 / By /

Chocolate Cheesecake

CakeDessertsMarch 2016October 2016RecipesThemes

Yes, it’s a cheesecake without cheese (I’m using pumpkin instead) and…

17th October 2016 / By /

Stuffed Squash

MainOctober 2016RecipesThemes

Every Autumn my mum makes the largest dish of baked stuffed…

10th October 2016 / By /

Butternut Gnocchi With Parsley Pesto

LeftoversNovember 2015October 2016RecipesVegetables

I bake or steam a squash specially to make this recipe,…

4th October 2016 / By /