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March 2016


Chocolate Cheesecake

CakeDessertsMarch 2016October 2016RecipesThemes

Yes, it’s a cheesecake without cheese (I’m using pumpkin instead) and…

17th October 2016 / By /

Easter Celebration Cake

CakeMarch 2016RecipesThemes

There is nothing that says celebration like a tall and beautifully…

21st March 2016 / By /

Chocolate And Strawberry Cream Cakes

CakeMarch 2016RecipesThemes

I have been making this ‘Genoise’ recipe ever since we became…

14th March 2016 / By /

Cocoa and Pear Cake

CakeMarch 2016RecipesThemes

Pears and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven and so…

7th March 2016 / By /

Berry Chocolaty Cake

CakeDessertsMarch 2016RecipesThemes

I own a recipe card called ‘Gateau au chocolat d’Anne-Marie’. I…

1st March 2016 / By /