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February 2016


Stewed Pears With Blueberries And Ginger

DessertsFebruary 2016Leftover FruitRecipesThemes

You might have already guessed from the numerous recipes based on…

22nd February 2016 / By /

Vegetable Stew With Chestnut and Thyme Crust

February 2016MainNovember 2015RecipesSide dishesThemes

I often make a vegetable stew which has cooked slowly in…

15th February 2016 / By /

Creamy Chicken Stew

February 2016MainRecipesThemes

Don’t be fooled by the understated muted colours and appearance of…

8th February 2016 / By /

Ox Cheeks and Tail Stew

February 2016MainRecipesThemes

This is a melt in the mouth winter warmer stew that…

1st February 2016 / By /