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April 2016


Meal 4 – Roasted Vegetable Soup

April 2016LeftoversRecipesThemesVegetables

Packed with flavour, this soup is always different because it is…

17th April 2016 / By /

Meal 3 – Chicken Pie

April 2016Leftover ChickenLeftoversMainNovember 2015RecipesThemes

I am always bewildered how the same ingredients in a different…

11th April 2016 / By /

Meal 1 – Roast Chicken and Vegetables

April 2016MainRecipesThemes

I made this particular recipe in my roasting pot, an enamel…

1st April 2016 / By /

Meal 2 – Warm Winter Salad

April 2016Leftover ChickenMainRecipesThemesVegetables

I love this dish. I make it systematically the day after…

1st April 2016 / By /