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Paleo bread: a contradiction in terms really. Yet one always needs something to spread something on, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a piece of toast? So, this month, we are talking (well, when I say we, mainly me) about yummy, good looking, nutritious and easy to make paleo breads.

Now, we are not talking exact replica of a wheat bread, but rather, about alternatives that do the same job and that are just as satisfying to the taste buds. Some would say even more satisfying since they tend to have more full-on flavours as well as top nutritional value – but without the ‘being stuffed and bloated’ feeling, which frankly, I don’t miss one bit.

The other advantage to paleo type breads is that they are very easy and quick to make since there is no yeast, there is no need to rise or knead; hooray for all the non-adventurous cooks. All you need is a bowl and a spoon, sometimes an electric whisk.

They are also a lot more forgiving – for example, you don’t even need an oven to make an almond focaccia, just the hob will do – hooray again!

The diversity of paleo breads is a lot wider than many people think. There is one to suit many occasions, purpose and diet allowances: savoury or sweet, with seeds, nuts, no nuts, starch, no starch…you get the idea, all equally yummy and satisfying –but without the trouble or the guilt.

Stand aside gem lettuce leaves and celery sticks, here come tasty slices of deliciousness!

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