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I batch cook weekly and by the end of the week, I am often left with a couple of table spoons of veggies that my kids think look too sad for consumption. And to be honest – so do I. I might be a grown-up, that doesn’t mean I necessarily have a great sense of sacrifice, particularly if it risks to compromise the happiness of my stomach.

So whether it is peas, cauliflower, pumpkin or butternut, this theme’s recipes will make those last couple of tablespoons go so much further, no one will ever guess they were leftovers in the first place (well, I won’t tell them if you don’t). Not just that, but they will ask you to make those recipes again and again.

Each purée has its own merit. I love the taste peas give to the tortillas as well as their fun colour. The cauliflower adds a cheesy flavour to the wraps which goes very well with oregano whilst butternut works well with chestnut flour to make gnocchi. Some of you may have noticed that I have brought back the gnocchi recipe back from a previous month. My husband and I love it and I thought it would be a perfect place to flag this dish up again.

The mash I use the most though, has to be pumpkin, purely for practical reasons.  That’s because, very conveniently, it comes in a tin. No carrying, no chopping, no peeling, no washing up. I always keep a can of pumpkin flesh in my cupboard to make last-minute wraps as well as our latest addition to the repertoire; the pumpkin bread.

I make wraps almost weekly for my girls’ packed lunches, whichever of the above veg I have left. I always cook a couple of extra tortillas which I use for my own lunch (they are rather gorgeous) or as an extra filling snack for my eldest before she goes on her three-hour dance class after her couple of hours of PE at school…I know, rather her than me. Go Wooski!

My most recent experiment with pumpkin flesh, the pumpkin bread, was an absolute revelation to me. It can be served savoury or sweet and therefore, is very versatile. It is good to know that my non-paleo guests at the time liked it too. It is always good to have the seal of approval from them.

As far as the pasta is concerned, I might not be able to sell it to you very well but I hope you will take my word for it: it is easy to make and great fun (particularly with kids on a wet Sunday afternoon) and both girls loved it. Just be mindful that if you do not like the texture of Chinese rice noodles, you are unlikely to like those. That’s why my youngest, very proudly may I add, called them ‘Jelly pasta’….


P.S. My work load has increased recently which means I have less time to devote to the site. However, I will still endeavour to share our best recipes with you and aim to change the theme on a two-months basis whenever I can. Thank you and bon appétit!

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