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400 – that’s how many sausages landed on my doorstep one cold October afternoon because of my trigger-happy finger.

Yes, I ordered 400 sausages, by accident may I point out (they come from Green pastures, our favourite website for ordering grass fed meat), not because I have an addiction (although we might find that now we have one….) and I had to find many ways to deal with the sausage crisis.

Mind you, we didn’t all see it as a crisis: ‘Sausages for life? How is that a problem?’ my teenage daughter said. That’s when I decided to look at it as an opportunity.

We are in February and I still have about 40 left – needless to say, we ate a LOT of sausages recently. I also gave some away and had a sausage party for Bonfire night with many friends who also ate a LOT of sausages. That’s what friends are for I think, helping you in time of a sausage crisis, whether it involves eating them or storing them in their freezers.

I find that to use sausages in many different ways, you have to think outside the casing. Yes, they are great as they are, hot or cold, for dinner or packed lunches. But if you remove the casing, then they become a versatile and cheap alternative to other meats. I put them in lasagna, use them to stuff cabbages, chop them to fill a pizza or cook their meat instead of mince in a cottage pie.

This month, I am sharing some of these ideas without which we would not have been able to face the mammoth task ahead (whatever my teenager says!).

Only forty to go…

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