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Christmas, December 2015
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I could hardly get away with not doing a Christmas theme for December.

I did think about it, ponder, procrastinate and deliberate. I know, it was a long way round the houses to get to the obvious. But considering that Christmas dinner is mainly Paleo, I couldn’t see the point. Until I thought that I could not really talk about Christmas when it was, well, in fact, Christmas. But also because I realised that this festive season was not only about the dinner itself but all its trimmings and edible delights that surround it for the weeks up to it and the weeks following it.

So Christmas it is.

I will not however, go over the main Christmas day dinner in terms of recipes (not this year anyway), because as I mentioned, it is already almost Paleo. With a few tweaks that you can find in the Basics section and with the side dishes that are in the Recipe Library, you should be able to put something together that you will enjoy tremendously.

But what I think might be useful are recipes with regards to the treats that we all look forward to around Christmas such as the ginger bread houses, biscuits you can hang on the tree, Christmas cakes and other glorious once-in-the-year triumphs.

I will however, outline the menus we serve on this glorious occasion and will list some of the tricks I use to tweak family favourites into Paleo dishes.

My family being fully English on my husband’s side and fully French on my side (meaning that my girls have a French and an English cheek each – I let you decide which one…) we celebrate Christmas both ways on alternate years. This year, we are in England. So English tradition and recipes it is!

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